Sunday, November 25, 2012

Butter fruit and the Windows phone

It hurts. My knee, and the shin. But what hurts more are the scratches on my new Windows phone. Every time I look at it, I feel a stab of pain in my male heart. It was a new phone, it still is, but it doesn't look new anymore. 

I went to gym yesterday, and on the way back, I felt like eating butter-fruits. Now, butter fruit is one of the most yummiest fruits, if you prepare it well. You take out the cream from the fruit, add crystal sugar, and grind in the mixer. Then you put it in the fridge, and top it up with some caramel before eating. It's amazing. I wanted to eat butter fruit yesterday.

I parked my car, and crossed the road and found two ripe butter fruits among the pile. They were the only two good ones, ready to be eaten. I started back. I was balancing my two phones, wallet and the fruits in my hands. I generally use pockets, but here I was in my gym outfit and the pocket was occupied by keys and towel. I didn't want to scratch my phones by keeping them with keys. I was extra careful due to all this, or so I thought. I crossed half of the road, and turned my head to see the vehicles on the other side, like we all generally do.  Just that, in this case, two college kids were coming by cutting lanes at very high speed. I was flung on the middle of the road, with my wallet, phones and the butter fruits all hitting the ground together. The onlookers told me that they saw me turning one full round in air before hitting the ground. They seemed impressed. The bikers ran away and I limped back to normalcy. Some good souls collected my stuff and handed them back. I didn't notice the phone then, as I was feeling sorry for the crushed butter fruits. They were the two I had picked. I didn't have the energy to go looking for them, after the incident. My knee was bruised bad, and the shin was bleeding a little. So I took the car and started back. 

I came back to my lonely accommodation, and opened a beer. Thankfully, the fridge was as inviting as ever, with fresh stocks of beer from yesterday. It was only after having half a glass, that I looked at my phone. I got a minor heart attack. My phone had scratches, it was as if someone had rubbed it flat on the road. I took time to come to grips with that. In fact, I thought of writing it out to feel better. Now that I have written and thought over it, I see a change in myself. Introspection, is God's gift to mankind.

I see that I no longer care about how I keep this new phone. I was very cautious till yesterday evening, and had bought a sleeve for the phone. I have now removed the sleeve, and my naked phone is kept without a care. It was in fact a burden to keep the phone looking new and I was very cautious while handling it. I was carrying this burden all the time without realizing it. I realized about this only when I felt the lightness after the burden was gone. 

Now I have two old phones, and I keep them casually and toss them around without care. I guess, the next time I buy an electronic device, I am going to rub it right outside the showroom, on the ground, and then start using it. Gorilla glass...are you listening?

PS: I feel like eating butter fruits again :)

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S P said...

Sir, You are an awesome writer!