Sunday, December 09, 2012

The universes of Choice

I sleep alone on a double bed. So there's space for someone else to sleep with me. Not that I will allow anyone to hop on just like that. But then, physically, there is space. Last night, I had this strange recurring dream of a yellow bird singing 'Brahma sukta' to me and I woke up. My mobile told me that it's 2.30 AM and in the faint light, I saw that there's someone sleeping with me on the bed. I got a start and switched on the lights. 
I was surprised beyond my wits to find another 'me' staring back at me. He was wearing the same shorts and tees, and looked exactly the same, to the last strand of hair that I lost in the morning. I thought I am a brave man, but here, now, I was about to scream till the lungs burst. But my voice was gagged by the shock. 
He smiled. I relaxed a little, but still stared at him warily. My sleep had vanished. 
'Don't worry, I am just you, waiting for your decision' He said
I was silent, not knowing what to say, and I just nodded. But my courage returned after hearing my own voice coming from him. Time stood still, for I don't know how long, before I gathered enough courage and spoke. 
'What do you mean, my decision. Who are you? And is this really real? I mean, am I really awake?' 
He replied 'Don't worry, they are all natural questions and I am lucky to answer them to you' 
And then he explained:
'See Tiru, I am your choice. Just that, I don't have my universe yet. Once you decide, I will get my universe and go there. Whenever in life, you are given a choice, to choose among two or multiple options, what happens in the background is that the designer is multiplying the universes. Every time you walked one path, the other unexplored path, created its own universe, where another Tiru, like the one you see in front of you now, that is someone like me, walked. For example, your decision to marry or not marry has created a few universes. So, there's one Tiru roaming in a parallel universe, and he is a sanyasi, there's one who has married four times, one tiru who has married thrice, there's one who has married twice, and you, married once. I am currently you, so I am technically married to the same girl, but once you decide, I will have my own universe. I will go with any choice, not specifically marriage. For example, if you decide to sleep now, I will get a universe, where I will make an espresso and take my life from there. So I am an outcome of your choice to sleep now, or not' 
I retorted, 'So at that rate, every second of my life, a parallel universe will get created, coz I am choosing to do one thing or the other all the time' 
'Of course, that's true, but do you exercise your will to choose all the time? How do you know that you are choosing. Automatic motions cannot create universes, and the universes are being created only to explore 'what if' the other path was taken. So it's not all the time.'
'Oh yeah, and you seem to know everything. So is there a choice for you? And I wonder, how do you know all this? What if I refuse to choose anything? Will you die?'
'Okey, I know all this because I don't have my universe yet. I have been created, thinking that you will choose to study tonight, but then, you had your beer, surfed the net, wrote some mails, and slept listening to Brahma sukta on repeat mode on your computer'
That solved the yellow bird puzzle. He continued,
'And now my universe is getting ready, couple of hours late, where I will not have beer, and study. The time-causation aberration due to Brahma Sukta made me appear here. Otherwise, you would not have known my existence'
I was scared and angry now. I felt my frustration of incomprehensibility of this bullshit growing upon me. And I decided to target him and shouted. 
'So, get the fuck off my bed and go to your studious universe. Why are your sleeping like a homo with me' 
He smiled, and said as he vanished, 
'Thanks. You just chose to shout at me. I shall now go to my universe. Where there's another me waiting for me to talk more, and not shout.' 
I felt like an idiot as he vanished. 
I couldn't sleep. I went to brew the coffee. As I ground the beans, I turned around to see, if another me is hanging around somewhere. I slept early in the morning. I have gotten up now and am working. But I don't know why, but since the meeting with my choice, I suddenly feel as if I am dreaming, all the time, and the dream doesn't seem to end. 

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